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Flash Drives

from $9.95

Kingston flash drives from 8GB to 128GB, USB 3.0, and easy to format. Pick yours up today!



Small and Lightweight

from $399.99

Portable Laptops with a Great Battery Life

Need something small and portable? We have you covered with many more options in store.



Powerful Performance

from $949.99

Productivity Enhancing

 These notebooks bring balance to your ever-evolving demands with innovative user friendly features, responsive multi-tasking performance, and powerful processors- smart, reliable and efficient! Limited Supply!



Computer Parts


Mother Computers is fully stocked for all PC Desktop and Laptop parts from motherboards (for desktops), hard drives (both laptops and desktops), RAM, power supplies, and anything else you can think of. Here are some parts on special! Something you are looking for that is not on this list? Call us at the store and find out if we carry it- if we don't, only 1 business day is needed to get anything in!


Basic Systems

From $499.99!

Great Value!

 Check out our basic home systems! These combine a solid look and feel with the latest all round features and performance that will surpass your everyday needs. WIth dual core processors, these computers are ideal for multi-tasking while maintaining the CPU performance.



Gaming Accessories

from $54.95

When you put your hand on a Razer gaming mouse, you're arming yourself with a legacy of exceptional technological engineeringm cutting edge ergonomics, and an obsessive pursuit for absolute gaming precision.


Keyboards and Mice

from $29.95

Check out these keyboards and mice for some awesome deals on a combination pack!



Refurbished Systems

from $349.99

Goverment off lease refurbished desktop PCs for a really good price. Dual core or Quad core systems with Windows 7 Professional, a small Thinkcentre or Thinkdesk form factor, and pre-set up with security software. 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty on all systems.



Gaming Systems

from $999.95

Cost-efficient gaming performance. We configure our Core Gamer systems to deliver the best value-priced for gaming perfomance. The Intel Core series CPUs are powerful gaming platforms, and the i3 series are no exception. nVidia GeForce powered graphics put demanding game titles at your fingertips. 



MediaPro Systems

from $799.95

Engineered to deliver rock solid, high performance for demanding computing. Resource-hungry development and production applications become extremely responsive even while multi-tasking. Mix and master audio, draw AutoCAD or Solidworks, and see the Adobe Creative Suite really come to life.




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